Welcome to Body Honey 101

Welcome to Body Honey 101


  • THE HAIR: I love to pour the honey in my hands and and run it through my hair to not only moisturize it but to also to smell incredible. And EVERYONE loves great smelling hair-that lasts all day long!

  • THE SKIN: Apply to the skin and moisturize all over the body just as you would with lotion or shea butter. 

  • THE BATH: Pour your honey right into the bath to add not only fragrance but additional nourishment to the skin as well. You will emerge from that bath smelling like a million dollars and with super soft skin.

BONUS: It's super easy to experiment with fragrance with this honey because it blends so easily with other scents. Here's some fun examples that I KNOW about:

  • Billie + Fatu
  • Pink Cashmere + Om Shanti
  • Mahalo + Forever