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STOCKING STUFFERS: For those you want to know you’re thinking of them this season. These are products priced at $10-20 that you can gift individually or build your own gift sets. These items are soaps, honey mists, 8 oz butters, 8 oz body washes, 8 oz soy candles, hair & body mists, and perfume roll-ons. We are adding more products all season!

  • Acquaintances/friend of a friend
  • Holiday party white elephant exchanges for work. Things with a $25 limit
  • Your child’s teacher/daycare/provider/tutor
  • Nail tech
  • Neighbor that always asks why you smell so good
  • Postman
  • Relatives you know will be at the function 
  • Chapter Sorors
  • Babysitter
  • Teenagers in your life (to accompany a PlayStation or gift card)
  • Uninvolved godmother

ZIJ SAMPLER SETS: For the ones who’ve brought you cheer or something cheer-adjacent this year! These boxes are perfect for ZIJ enthusiasts and those you want to introduce to the brand! You can gift these as a set OR gift a jar to each person individually! These sets are based on this year’s top sellers and ZIJ staples.

Who’s this for?

  • Hair stylist
  • Best friend’s mom
  • Auntie
  • Fave cousins/siblings 
  • Any relevant side pieces
  • Really good and timely nail tech
  • School bus driver
  • Your personal trainer
  • Parents of your child’s friends whose homes they feel safe in
  • College students (living in dorms)

HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS: ZEN @ HOME Box Featuring JADE (room & linen spray, dish soap, and hand soap)

  • Whoever is hosting the holiday gatherings...THIS is the staple you and they need in the kitchen.
  • Anyone fancy in your life
  • The person who has everything

OH YOU FANCY, HUH! For those that hold you down and deserve it ALL! This category is for the person who enjoys the finer things and splurges on themselves-or SHOULD. This category includes our new Plush Robes, mink blankets, bath milk (new) & bubble baths.

Who’s it for?

  • Wife
  • Mom/Grandmother
  • Involved Godmother
  • Besties
  • Favorite aunt
  • Teacher if your child is bad
  • The person you want to impress
  • Your Spec
  • Pregnant/New Mom friends
  • Your entrepreneur friend
  • Your bougie friends


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