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GIVE THE MATERNAL FIGURES IN YOUR LIFE THEIR FLOWERS WHILE THEY'RE HERE TO SMELL THEM.'s Mother's Day season. Let's make it special. Let's shift the energy. This release will honor maternal energy in all of its many forms. 

I'm gonna make it easy for you. Don't overthink it. I've done the work.

Social media can be triggering (hell, life can be triggering). There are so many different ways in which we experience these types of holidays. Here's a few Mother's Day experiences we are honoring in this release:

  • single mothers
  • loss of a mother
  • fur mammas
  • husband/wife to mother
  • mother experiencing loss
  • children to mother
  • mentor
  • close older soror
  • colleague
  • god mother
  • bonus mother
  • aspiring mother
  • expecting mother
  • You see where I'm going with this....

Then, you have to further categorize to determine their gift types. For example, I have a bougie grandma, so I can't roll up on her with an Ape Shit body mist. I have to come correct with some Devereaux, Boudoir, Nina, Pink Cashmere, etc. AND it better be in a fancy bottle WITH a card LOL!

Fancy Afro-centric Black Mamma/Auntie/etc. would typically enjoy blends like Bohemia, Makeni, Seven, Witchcraft, Oshun Energy, Bravebird, Love, Spirituality-you see where I'm going with this.

Considering each of these gifting categories, I believe you'll enjoy today's release. We are also restocking honey mists and butters perfect for this time of year!

NOTE: It's getting warmer so we offer insulated shipping for an additional $8 to ensure your butter doesn't melt.



Let’s also unpack loss. It’s a reality of the season too. When my father passed away, my Grandma Brooks (RIL) understandably grieved him HARD. She would tell me over and over "it's just not natural to bury your child." That never left me. And on the flip side of that, I think of my husband and how hard Mother's Day is for him each year since his mom's passing. Like...there aren't often words that can heal that pain or take some of it away from them. So, I gave it some thought and created Love Eternal. Love Eternal is what I recommend gifting to someone who is grieving the loss of a mother or a child. 

I made it with rosemary, lavender & amber. Here's why:

When our dad passed in 2010, the hospice grief counselor offered us sprigs of rosemary. At the time, I was angry and rejected it. I didn't throw it away but I'd look at it with disdain from time to time. As I healed, I realized that energy never dies and memories and experiences of our loved ones live on for as long as we hold them dear. Rosemary is actually given in love & remembrance of someone. It is a sign of love and respect for who someone who has transitioned. You can fill your space with the energy of a loved one by lighting the candle, or scenting your space with it in a diffuser or a room spray. It's a way we can honor those that have left us in times where need additional comfort. 

The lavender not only complements the rosemary aroma, it also relaxes us and amber is an aroma that induces happier energy.

LOVE ETERNAL is my love note to anyone experiencing loss or anyone supporting someone who is experiencing loss. And it doesn't stop there, I'd pair the gift with a journal, card & fancy pen.

On Muvas Pt. 2 Gimme My Flowers


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