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The ZIJ VERZUZ comes in categories for you to receive two body shots. Use them separately or together to create something new!

The Prophyte v. Neos battle contain 5 blends-The primary and four derivatives that come from it. 

Each order comes with a QR Code where you can vote for your fave in the VERZUZ and the results are tallied in real time!

Processing period is 7-10 business days for shipping. The pickup for this release begins Sept 16th. 


Battle of the Chocolates: Caramel Kisses v. Sexual Chocolate
Battle of the Exes: Vanity v. Pop Life
Bookworm Battle: Geisha v. Genevieve
Brand Collab Battle: Charisma v. Ricardo DSean
Destination Battle: Garden of Eden v. Oasis
Fancy Ladies: Diva v. Devereaux
Goat v. Goat: Lingerie & Chardonnay v. Sasha
Icons: Carmen Jones v. Josephine
Indie Soul Battle: Jawn v. Charm City
Me v. Me: Adorn v. Woo
OG v. OG: Karma v. Nirvana
Rap Gods: Temptations v. Big Pimpin
Reality TV: Golnesa v. Laguna Beach
Retro Battle: Billie v. Nina
Sibling Rivalry: Azara v. Zamora
Spicegirlin Collab: Prisca v. Instant Vintage
The Lovebirds: Drunk in Love v. FOREVER
The Rockstars: Pink Cashmere v. Unbothered
The Zen Brides Battle: Mi Amor v. Oshun Energy

Vacation Battle: Tulum Vibes v. Makeni


Prophytes v. The Neos

Pink Cashmere: Casita 32, Fantasy, Apeshit, Fantasy Remix

Namaste v. Empress, Quiet Storm, Envy, Posh


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