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Our Products 

Whipped Body Butter

Shea butter enhanced with moisturizing oils, then whipped to perfection. 

Prices: (Regular/Supernatural)
4oz - $9.50 / $11.50
8oz - $16.00 / $18.00
16oz - $28.00 / $30.00

* Butter is available for shipping seasonally, but in retail and pop-ups year round. 
**Larger sizes may be available upon request.

Aloe-Infused Body Wash

LOVE YOUR SKIN! Our body wash is a divine combination of Aloe, Rose Water, Vitamin E, and a little Castile soap. Available in all of your favorite ZIJ scents, this is a great way to start your day with some Zen. 

Prices: (Regular/Supernatural)
2oz - $8.50 / $10.50
8oz - $23.00 / $25.00

 **Also available as an unscented intimate wash.

Pillow Talk

A super relaxing pillow mist comprised of various essential oils, Pillow Talk promotes relaxation and uninterrupted sleep. Use at home or while traveling just before bed to bring peace to your space.

2oz - $15.00

Oasis Bath Soak

Create your personal oasis with this ultra-zen blend of Himalayan Pink and Dead Sea Salts and a Floral + Herb Blend. This product is delicious and available in all of your favorite ZIJ scents!

4oz - $9.50
8oz - $16.00
16oz - $28.00
20oz (bale jar, pictured) - $33.00

Signature Bath & Body Honey

A super moisturizing blend of Avocado, Grapeseed, and Vitamin E oils. Use it in the bath, on your skin, in your hair, or even as fragrance. There are no rules!

1.7oz (Body Shot) -  $8.50
5oz (Glass) - $18.00
8oz (Plastic) - $23.00

Perfume Rollers

Containing a concentrated blend of fragrance oils , Eau de Parfum (edp) is one of the most commonly used fragrance types, and will have you smelling (and feeling!) zen for hours on end.

10ml - $15.00

Soy Candles

Create your sanctuary and spread zen across your whole environment with these hand poured, natural soy wax candles. They are a perfect way to bring your favorite ZIJ scent in to your space.

Small - $12.50
Regular - $18.00

Honey-Infused Body Polish

Your skin will feel brand new and you will smell amazing with this beautiful exfoliating sugar scrub. Infused with honey from the Spice Suite and K-Squared Flowers, this will be your new favorite way to unwind!

Prices: (Regular/Supernatural)
4oz - $9.50 / $11.50
8oz - $16.00 / $18.00
16oz -$28.00 / $30.00

Hair and Body Mist

Meet your new favorite pick-me-up. Infused with Aloe + Vitamin E, these are a great way to refresh and lightly moisturize throughout the day. Wear alone for a light, lasting kiss of fragrance, or layer together with other products to build a more noticeable aroma.

2oz - $8.50


Our Babyluv line is a pure blend of lavender essential oil and vitamin e. Lavender is very soothing for both mommies and babies. Available in Butter, Bath and Body Honey, Aloe Wash and more, this is the perfect gift for all of the mommies and babies you know!

*Babyluv is priced according to product. Please see above for pricing.


Consisting of aloe-infused products, SUPERNATURAL encompasses all things intensive skin care! In this line, you'll find products such as Body Wash, Intimate Wash, Butter, and Bar Soaps. Use alone or with your other ZIJ favorites. The focus of these products is more on intense care for even the most sensitive skin. If you used our "SUNLOVE" in the past, this is for you! .

*Supernatural is priced according to product, as Aloe Vera is a premium ingredient, products including it are priced accordingly.

Hand Soap

ZIJ hand soap is a Castile soap base enriched with moisturizing oils. Each scent is an essential oil blend with K Squared Flowers organic dried flowers. Did you know that citrus essential oils have dynamic cleansing and antimicrobial properties? That makes these perfect for neutralizing germs either in the kitchen or bathroom.

Available in Citrus Rose and Grapefruit Eucalyptus 

8oz - $13.00

Room & Linen Spray

Make your space welcoming and enjoyable with these fragrant, long lasting room and linen sprays. Available in your favorite ZIJ scents (and some exclusives!) these will add to your space’s ambiance.

16oz - $18.00

Honey Soap

Made with raw honey, which is an amazing moisturizer and as a bonus has significant healing and antibacterial properties, our honey soap is a great on its own or in conjunction with our body polish.

Bar - $5.00