The Scent Bar Experience


It is our pleasure to create with you today. Here’s how to experience the Scent Bar:

1. Peruse the fragrance elements on the table. Take a moment to smell each one. 

2. Use a flower petal or paper tester strip to see what the elements smell like combined. Note: you will only need a tiny amount to test with. No need to use a full squeeze of any fragrance. 

3. Once you have selected your fragrance of choice, please let a Zen Fairy know so they can guide you with scenting. There are no rules here. If you like the smell of the eastern amber alone, your perfume rollon can be scented with just that. It’s all about your body chemistry and what “POPS!” on YOU!

4. Secure your rollon with a roller ball and top.

5. Enjoy your creation and apply it to your pulse points!

If you have any questions, please ask a Zen Fairy. We are so happy to create with you!