ZIJ Origin

Dr. Nikki


My grandmothers (Evelyn & Verneda) both inspired me very much as a little girl. I was constantly playing around in their fancy perfumes, bubble bath, powders, etc. I wanted to be just as fancy as them. This love grew into me saving up internship checks to take the bus to New York and splurge on Carol's Daughter products back when you could only get it from Brooklyn. I've always loved how fragrance could transform my mood and make me feel like a million dollars. Every time. 

My other inspiration is my mother because she gave me her sense of creativity and determination to do anything I put my mind to. She is my greatest cheerleader and source of encouragement. Since the beginning, when I am up late nights making packages, she puts on a pot of coffee, and sits with me while I work. She transformed her basement into my first work station. My goal is to not only make her proud, but to also retire her and provide her with everything she deserves.

Origin of Zen in a Jar

With these gifts, I created Zen in a Jar as a way to channel my love language- GIFTING! I started out making holiday gifts for family and friends and then realized people were offering me money to make more. Simultaneously, I was working on my doctorate and began using ZIJ as a side hustle to pay my tuition. I enjoyed it so much that I continued ZIJ even after graduating in 2017. 

By the end of 2018, I realized that ZIJ was my true passion and resigned from a six figure job as an IT Project Manager in the federal government. I have not looked back!

Over the years, I studied my craft and had MANY episodes of trial and error (LOL!), but I realized early on that making these handmade products makes me happy. I love learning about oils, herbs, fragrance, natural butters, etc. My goal is to build a lifestyle that is as luxurious as possible-right in the comfort of one’s own home.

Life is hard, we have to find our own personal Zen and maintain it. It is my hope that Zen in a Jar helps people to find their Zen and have moments of peace and relaxation amidst whatever storm or day to day life struggles they are enduring. It started off as just sugar scrubs, but quickly grew into an expansive repertoire of products and services! ZIJ has a production and retail space in District Heights, MD and ships worldwide.   

Personal Mantra

You must be responsible for the energy you bring into the world...and with GIFT-GIVING being my love language, I give the gift of self-care to everyone I come in contact with.