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Black & Bougie Box

Bougie Blend
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This box features the debut of four new blends AND some bougie-inspired ZIJ staples. Box contains:

8 OZ HONEY MIST (easy application spray mist bottle)

2 OZ HAIR & BODY MIST (our MVP multi use product made with aloe juice, vitamin e and purified water). No alcohol so it will never dry out your hair-only nourish it!



FREDDIE is our ode to the boho bougie, Freddie Brooks of A Different World
(Nag champa + ginger + patchouli)

HILARY is our ode to the OG Hilary Banks and her super chic and super fancy style. This smells like her vibe. The sweet freshness of pink jasmine with the sophistication of the orchid. 90's Hilary Banks is ICONIC. We have love for Reboot Hilary too though!

LISA is our ode to Lisa Turtle OG BOUGIE
(Mango + pink jasmine)

KYLE as in “THE Kyle Barker”
(Bergamot + Lavender + Nag Champa)

OLIVIA is our ode to Olivia Pope of Scandal
(frankincense + rose + myrrh)

REGINE is our celebration of REGINE of Living Single
(Chardonnay + rose)