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Black Magic Body Detox Box

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Black Magic is enhanced with rose & peppermint essential oils for their respective properties AND they happen to smell LOVELY together as well. 

Black Magic body wash is our current nourishing formula with the addition of the activated charcoal and healing properties of the natural peppermint and rose. 

The Black Magic body scrub is DIVINE. I had a lot of fun making it because it's just a bunch of stuff that our skin already LOOOOOOOVES!

For example, you've got some ZIJ whipped 
butter, vitamin e, raw sugars, dead sea salt, Spice Suite infused honey, organic floral garnish from Charismatic Creations (citrus) & BLK FLWR MRKT (eucalyptus) & white kaolin clay-in addition to the activated charcoal. Healthy, supple skin. YUM.

So, what are the benefits of activated charcoal on the body?
Glad you asked.

Basically, the charcoal is treated to absorb impurities in the skin like dirt and oil. You can also add a little apple cider vinegar (or water) to apply it as a mask. Many uses. 



This box contains:

8 ounce body wash 

8 ounce body scrub 

3.4 ounce charcoal honey bar