The next ZIJ release is scheduled for March 12 at Noon ET. As of March 1st, butter is shipped at your own discretion. ZIJ will be unable to provide refunds for shifts in consistency. “The Butter Experience” release is actively shipping.

Butter Sampler Sets (Lavender Friday)

Butter Sampler Sets (Lavender Friday)

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You asked, I answered! Sampler Sets are here and its the perfect gift for yourself or someone else:

Here's the breakdown:

"I BEEN ON" (OG Scents)

Karma, Nirvana, Woo, Autumn Jade, Namaste


"UPGRADE U" (Unisex/dude-friendly)

Om Shanti, Good Smelling Man, Man Crush, Kashmir, Adonis


"FLAWLESS" (Best Sellers of 2020)

Pink Cashmere, Lingerie & Chardonnay, Golnesa, Posh, Flowers for Breonna


"HALO" (fresh and light scents)

Spa Day, Hotel Suite, Blake, So Fresh & So Clean, Khari


"Formation" (Beautiful and fragrant florals)

Caviar Dreams, Billie, Pop Life, Love, Como la Flor