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Butter Sampler Sets (Lavender Friday)

Butter Sampler Sets (Lavender Friday)

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You asked, I answered! Sampler Sets are here and its the perfect gift for yourself or someone else:

Here's the breakdown:

"I BEEN ON" (OG Scents)

Karma, Nirvana, Woo, Autumn Jade, Namaste


"UPGRADE U" (Unisex/dude-friendly)

Om Shanti, Good Smelling Man, Man Crush, Kashmir, Adonis


"FLAWLESS" (Best Sellers of 2020)

Pink Cashmere, Lingerie & Chardonnay, Golnesa, Posh, Flowers for Breonna


"HALO" (fresh and light scents)

Spa Day, Hotel Suite, Blake, So Fresh & So Clean, Khari


"Formation" (Beautiful and fragrant florals)

Caviar Dreams, Billie, Pop Life, Love, Como la Flor