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Introducing The Cobra Collection

This is the first presentation of our wellness collection. The focus of the Cobra Ritual is the exfoliation and hydration of the skin.

COBRA is a new fragrance to usher you into this ritual. We blended the sweet florals of pink cashmere, Bulgarian rose with the fanciness of oud and ended it with the tingle of eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is the ULTIMATE fragrance element for your bathing ritual.


Megan Thee Stallion inspired this collection with her beautifully vulnerable song COBRA. In this song, she shares her journey of shedding not only the toxic people in her orbit, but also the shedding of her own toxic reemerge anew. As can we.

How to Experience:

This is beyond a metaphor; our goal is to facilitate your exfoliation & hydration ritual and include intentions. We are providing you with a Sapo (African net sponge) for your cleansing and exfoliation. When you moisturize, we encourage you to sit at your vanity or on the edge of your bed and take your time to lovingly hydrate your entire body. Do your best to be fully present and away from your phone. Check in with yourself with the following questions:

(these are mine but feel free to tweak)

“What am I grateful for this morning?”

“How will I be kind to myself today?”

“Do I owe anyone clarity? Where am I with this?”

“What am I looking forward to today?”

“What would I like to work on today?”

“Do I feel sad? What do I need to unpack?”

Featured Products:

2 oz Hair & Body Mist

8 oz Bath & Body Honey (pump)

COBRA Ritual Combo Set (body butter, body polish &  one Sapo*)

*African net sponge

Cocoa butter honeybar duo (two bars)

This blend is jasmine + oud + Bulgarian rose with a tinge of eucalyptus.