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DIASPORA is a fragrance I've been sitting on for a few months in honor of Black History Month.

It is a blend of santal (which is a fragrance element extracted from sandalwood) and citrus essential oils.  It is unisex and falls under the Spicy Woods family.

I wanted to create something that celebrates our culture. I want you to think about our journey each time you look at a Diaspora candle or smell the fragrance. And feel proud. We are a resilient and innovative culture. Just look around. 

The DIASPORA candle is a 9 oz candle scented with santal and citrus essential oils. The vessel has been designed by PRISCA in one of her signature fabrics. It is our pleasure to present this level of FANCY Black Excellence to you. 
Who is the DIASPORA Collection for?
  • People that wake up early and drink tea and then say affirmations to themselves
  • The person who loves explaining the origin behind interesting things they have
  • The person who stays abreast of fragrance trends
  • Men that smell good
  • People with expensive African art in their homes
  • Professors
  • Woke Folks
  • People that journal
  • Anyone from any culture, that can appreciate the journey of the African Diaspora.