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Zen Drops (2 oz)

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Transform Your Space...

Discover the secrets of a fragrant space with our multi-use Zen Drops - perfect for creating a MOOD. Our custom Zen Drops offer an array of enticing scents and will quickly fill your home with a ripple of intoxicating aromas. With just a few drops of our indulgent blends,  you'll unlock any energy you seek.How to Experience:

Add 2-3 drops to your oil burner or diffuser and let ZIJ take over.

Trust. We can transform your space into any energy you like. 

Did you know ZIJ peeps use Zen Drops on their dryer balls? Per the request of the VIP tribe, here's the blends they've requested for this drop to use not only in their oil burners, but also in their laundry-WOW!

For Laundry:

Add 2-3 drops (or however many you like) to your dryer ball.

Each Zen Drop comes in a 2 oz dropper bottle. A little goes a long way. Do NOT apply directly to the skin. It's totally not made for that. Skin- safe oil moisturizers are available under ZIJ Body Honey.

NOTE: Do NOT leave oil burners unattended.