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Fancy Bottles of Honey

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For this week's TREAT YO'SELF, we've got some new fancy liquor bottles of honey that make perfect, easy gifts for Mother's Day or any occasion!

Order them for pickup or delivery straight to the recipient. They're SUPER CUTE, multi-use AND can travel at 3.3 oz!

These are in our hand selected universally popular FRAGRANCES, so your peeps are guaranteed to LOVE!


CAVIAR DREAMS (jasmine noir + coconut + amber)

COBRA (jasmine + oud + Bulgarian rose + eucalyptus)

DANITA (jasmine + Bulgarian rose + vanilla)

DEVERAUX (citrus + amber + oak)

FOREVER GALENTINE (strawberry + oud + Tahitian Vanilla)

GUILTY PLEASURE (cocoa + caramel + citrus)

LINGERIE & CHARDONNAY (coconut + amber + musk)

LOVE (peaches + Bulgarian Rose)

OM SHANTI (sandalwood + vanilla)

OPULENCE (Tahitian vanilla + oud)

PINK CASHMERE (jasmine + coconut + vanilla)

RICH AUNTIE (pink jasmine + coconut + vanilla)

SAWF (pink jasmine + coconut + amber)

SLOW WHINE (mango + sweet spicy woods + Bulgarian Rose)