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FETISH (Wellness Collection)

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FETISH is our blend of mango & peppermint. It's sweet and energizing!

Fragrance Family: Fresh Gourmand

Similar blends: Carmen Jones, Boyfriend Jeans, Koala Bear, Empress, Cabo Dream


The Wellness Collection is a curated set of products that I use on my own wellness journey. I use candles, energy sprays, and body honey to motivate myself to get on my Peloton bike, attend a virtual workout or hit the treadmill at HerFlex. Aromatherapy makes all the difference, believe me!

The options are:

  • 4 oz Energy Spray
  • 5 oz Bath & Body Honey
  • 8 oz Soy Candle

What's an "Energy Spray?"

These are hybrid sprays that can be used as a room spray AND on the body and clothing. Technically, it can go in your hair as well BUT please note it contains alcohol (which can be drying for certain styles and hair types). The intention is to charge the energy in your space to get you going.