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Celebrating Gettin' Grown!

Y'all know how I feel about Jade & Dr. Keia.
These ladies sharing their platform with me was the catalyst to ZIJ taking off. I started touring with them in 2017, I also did event favors for Dr. Keia's Team Typing Fast events, toured with Jade & Santana's Dopest Dinner Party and collaborated with Jade for Ekene & Uju, our home fragrance line.  Fun fact: My relationship kicked off with Sable Collective based on them mentioning that boutique on an episode of their pod.
It never ocurred to me that you all would want to experience these blends as body care as well. Thanks to your requests, we are finally here. 
Try out these blends I created with Jade and the Noir blend I designed for Dr. Keia's Team Typing Fast Noir Brunch JUST before the pandemic in butter today!
Ekene Original (nag champa + rosemary)
Ekene Gourmand (nag champa + pomegranate)
Noir (white amber + oud)
Uju Original (nag champa + fig)
Uju Gourmand (pomegranate + fig)
Product comes in 8 oz butter jar.