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INSECURE Sampler Set

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I designed this Insecure inspired collection because I didn't know what else to do with all the FEELS the Insecure finale gave me. So beautifully done. I'm going to miss them so much. Allow me to re-introduce FIVE blends that were inspired by the series. You'll love them. Many are enhancements on staples y'all LOVE.

EXPENSIVE- An Ode to Condola's fancy kitchen and overall tastes. This blend is a new I've been holding consisting of tonka bean, cardamom, & grapefruit florals.

EVOLVE- We are celebrating the evolution of our girl Molly. Everything she desires, she deserves. Molly has BEEN getting paid out here so you know she smells like the finer things. This blend is jasmine, amber & grapefruit.

INTENTION- This blend is a celebration of the friendships featured on the show. The overarching theme by season 5 had become INTENTION. They are intentional about prioritizing their birthdays together and loving on each other. This blend is jasmine blend, lavender, & peach.

SOULMATE- TEAM LAWRENCE, BABY! WE DID IT! Let's celebrate the messiness of love by blending Pink Cashmere with your fave Good Smelling Man. The result is a timeless unisexy dream.

THE CROWN- An ode to QUEEN ISSA. The innovator, the trendsetter, the woman who walked in the door unapologetically herself and CHANGED THE GAME. She took the entire culture with her and opened doors for SO MANY people of color. So proud of her beautiful ass. This blend is jasmine, coconut, ginger & amber.

Each Butter sampler is 4-ounce jars.

Each honey sampler is 2-ounce honey mists.