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La Vie En Rose Main Character Energy Set

ZIJ Rose Blends
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Maintain your MAIN CHARACTER ENERGY by owning the room.

A common piece of feedback I get is "everyone knows when I get to work, they smell me first" or "everyone walks by to smell me every time I go to the..." or "my husband is obsessed with the way I smell!"

That's because we specialize in your body chemistry. There is a lot of power in the olfactory sense. An easy way to smell incredibly all day is by moisturizing with our body honey and then topping it off with our hair & body mist. The mist is small enough to travel with you throughout the day for whenever you'd like to refresh!

The fragrant hair perfume & body honey combinations linger throughout the day and play well with many of your FAVE perfumes.

Each set contains a 5 oz body honey & 2 oz hair & body mist.

ZIJ’s Rose Repertoire

BOUDOIR (apple + Bulgarian rose + fig)

CARMEN JONES (mango + rose)

COMO LA FLOR (Bulgarian rose + apple)

DANITA (jasmine + Bulgarian rose + vanilla)

ESCAPADE (pear + Bulgarian rose)

FATU (mango + Bulgarian rose + lemongrass)*

GEISHA (lavender + Bulgarian rose + jasmine)

GRATITUDE (nag champa + Bulgarian rose + French lavender)

IRENE (sandalwood + Bulgarian rose + jasmine noir)

LOVE (peach + Bulgarian rose)

MOON RIVER (ginger + spice + Bulgarian rose)

NATURAL WOMAN (amber + Bulgarian rose)

NINA (nag champa + Bulgarian rose)

OLIVIA (frankincense + Bulgarian rose)

POSH (lavender + Bulgarian rose + vanilla)

PRETTY PRIVILEGE (pink jasmine + Bulgarian rose)

REGINE (Bulgarian rose + chardonnay grapes)

SACRED (palo santo + eucalyptus + Bulgarian rose)

SEDUCTION (fig + Bulgarian rose)

SUNDAY MORNING (sweet florals + Bulgarian rose)

SUNRISE (Bulgarian rose + lemon)

SUNSET (Bulgarian rose + blood orange)

VANITY (sandalwood + Bulgarian rose)

WHITE TOES (marshmallow + Bulgarian rose)