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Zen In A Jar


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LOVE NEVER DIES (trigger warning regarding loss)

Over the years, I’ve been working on processing loss of our loved ones and understanding that they never truly leave us.

Their energy lives on, their impact lives on. And I like to believe they show up in the smallest, most beautiful ways every now and then. The rapid loss of my paternal grandparents rocked me significantly over the past few years. 

I made LOVE ETERNAL with a specific intention.

ZIJ is all about self-care. We are not the only actual form of it though. I consider us a tool that should be accompanied by an activity that promotes your mental and emotional well-being. We are here to compliment your self-care ritual.

Grief is a special obstacle to tackle. Love Eternal is my effort to aid the grief process. It is made with the following elements:

ROSEMARY to honor those we’ve lost with Love & Remembrance.

LAVENDER to soothe anxiety and relax us.

AMBER to soothe negative emotions.

Light this candle to cry, to reminisce or to just be.

I created this blend a few weeks ago, when someone I love deeply, experienced loss. I wanted to comfort her beyond text message platitudes and sending Pink Cashmere & Billie stuff. The usual ZIJ felt superficial in this instance.

What says “I honor your feelings, your space to process and fully support you?” I feel like this does. And she felt the love and support intended. 

LOVE ETERNAL is ideal to help us cope with grief.

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