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MANGO Body Polish Collection

Body Polish Blend
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Experience the incredible fragrance of MANGO with our stunning Body Polish Collection!

ZIJ takes mango around the fragrance wheel and our body polish is a delicious way to explore the options. I ordered a bunch of mango rose tea from Bold & Beautiful Coffee Bar to infuse with the recipe and it turned out DIVINE. 

It started with FATU and I simply could not stop there!

Have you ever wondered why we call it polish as opposed to sugar scrub? It’s because it’s not all sugar. ZIJ’s signature recipe is a blend of Dead Sea salt and raw sugar-its beyond an exfoliating scrub, it’s also a treatment for skin conditions.


  • Boyfriend Jeans (mango + bourbon)
  • Carmen Jones (mango + Bulgarian rose)
  • Drunk in Love (nag champa + mango + bourbon)
  • Ego Trip (mango + oud + lavender)
  • Empress (mango + lavender)
  • Fatu (mango + lemongrass + Bulgarian rose)
  • Fetish (mango + peppermint)
  • Koala Bear (mango + eucalyptus)



  • Antimicrobial
  • skin nourishing 
  • exfoliating 
  • fragrant 
  • moisturizing 
  • fancy
  • soothes eczema & psoriasis 


  • Dead Sea salt
  • raw sugar 
  • honey
  • vitamin e
  • organic florals 
  • custom blended ZIJ fragrances


  • Apply mixture to damp skin.
  • Rub in a circular motion all over the body.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • Enjoy your softest, most incredible smelling skin. 

Product comes in a 4 oz jar.