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Zen In A Jar

ORIGIN STORY Butter Sampler Set

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This set was curated to honor the places that make up who I am as a Black Woman. In this set, we are traveling from Africa to DC. As always, everything smells amazing. Each set contains 5 4oz butters.


  • BROOKLAND (lavender + sandalwood + amber)- This blend was designed in honor of my childhood neighborhood. It's a sophisticated spicy floral.

  • CROFTON LN (amber + cedar + grapefruit)- Crofton Lane is my ode to my paternal grandparents and their beautiful home in Virginia Wine Country. It's a beautiful blend of spice, fresh wood & closes out with the class that only grapefruit brings!

  • FOURAH BAY RD (lemongrass + coconut + Tahitian vanilla)-Like Makeni, Fourah Bay Rd is inspired by the African continent. The Motherland. I designed this blend for the trip because I heard the mosquitoes are WILD over there so I had some fun with lemongrass! You know I wasn't going to keep it simple.

  • MAKENI (mango + coconut + papaya)- This blend was designed in honor of Makeni, Sierra Leone. We stayed in a beautiful villa with mangoes and papayas growing EVERYWHERE.

  • SAVANNAH (peach + sandalwood)-Savannah, Georgia is where my maternal relatives are from. My cousins down south are BOSSES in their respective lanes. I've admired them my whole life. This is for them Sophisticated Peaches. 
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