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Pick Your Blend
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These are some of my favorite candles! Get ready to indulge!

Each candle comes in an 8 oz container:

BOUGIE AUNTIE (sandalwood + amber + jasmine)


COOL AUNTIE (jasmine + peach + coconut)


CROFTON LANE (amber + grapefruit + cedar)


FINE ASS AUNTIE (jasmine + coconut + citrus)


FLY AUNTIE (lavender + jasmine + frankincense)


HAMILTON STREET (amber + vetiver + cedar)


HOTEL SUITE (ginger + white tea)


LOVE (peach + rose)


MORNING ASANA (cedar + ginger + lavender)


PRAYING GRANDMOTHER (patchouli + spiced florals + frankincense & myrrh)