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St. Croix Sampler

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This set comes in 2 oz bath & body honey shotties in each fragrance!


This collection of fragrances was inspired by my recent trip. It truly rejuvenated me. I've shared many times that I hadn't connected with a place like this in a long time. Please enjoy the fragrances inspired by this incredible island. FRAGRANCE is so powerful because the olfactory sense is tied to our memories. Each blend transports me back to a specific experience on this gorgeous island.

COPA (rum + lemongrass + coconut + a hint of citrus)
Named after the Virgin Island creole colloquialism "copa" meaning everything is fine, copasetic. This fragrance embodies the pride of St. Croix, Cruzan rum alongside tropical notes of coconut & citrus finishing off with a note of lemongrass to keep mosquitoes away.
Fragrance Family:
Gourmand, unisex, mosquito repellent

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CRUZAN CARESS (mango + fig + coconut)
This fragrance is my interpretation of the local produce in St. Croix. I really enjoyed the fresh fruit available everywhere during my stay-from my plates to my beverage garnishes! The island is full of mangoes, coconuts, fig, papayas, & starfruit!
Fragrance Family:
Fruity Floral, Gourmand

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RAINBOW BEACH (plumeria blossoms + chardonnay grapes)
This fragrance is an ode to the beautiful beaches of St. Croix adorned with aromas of plumeria (frangipani) and sea grapes along the shores. Rainbow Beach is an especially beautiful place. You can find the flora of the island along the water and in their rainforests.

Fragrance Family:
Floral, Gourmand

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THE SWEET EYE (ginger + lemongrass + vanilla)
Did you know the most popular ice cream in St. Croix is GINGER & LEMONGRASS?!? I had no idea that was even a combination! It's DELICIOUS. So delicious that I had to recreate it as soon as I got home! The Sweet eye" means a flirty glance in USVI Creole. I thought this was the perfect name for such a sweet & fresh blend It's DIVINE!

Fragrance Fam:
Fresh, Gourmand

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IBIZA is a blend I created for a custom order this weekend. The customer's specific request was to have a fragrance created to embody the vibe of IBIZA and she trusted me to design it. 

So....we went with some of the natural aromas of flowers and fruits throughout the region. What caught my eye most was the jasmines, lavenders, & citrus fruits.

So I grabbed Pink Cashmere as the base and then added in some Bulgarian Lavender and blood orange for a little "kick!" It smells like heaven.  You'll LOOOOOOVE it so much that I'm not even bothering with a 5 oz bottle of this.

Fragrance Family:
Sweet & Fresh Floral

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