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ZIJ Blend
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ZIJ BATH MILK is made in our kitchen with natural ingredients that your skin will LOVE!
I've been using bath milk since I was a little girl.

My Grandma Brooks let me experiment with adding ingredients like oils, flowers, milk & honey in the bathtub. I got a book about Cleopatra's beauty rituals when I was in elementary school and just KNEW those rituals were for me too!

If you're interested in learning more, the "Cleopatra Bathing ritual" is worth the google.

I designed my recipe based on things I enjoy in my bath that I KNOW work and that will travel well when shipping to you. 


  • coconut milk (powdered)
  • pink Himalayan salt
  • dead sea salt
  • sodium bicarbonate
  • vitamin e oil
When determining fragrances for the bath milk, I didn't think so much about Body Chemistry as I did about aromatherapy. Here's the two we will start with:
  • CLEOPATRA: Cleopatra is a blend of nag Champa and oud. It is fanciful and erotic. 
  • DIVINE: Divine is a blend of sweet rose, cardamom & lavender. It is meant to channel relaxation but with the sophistication of a wood spice. 
  • PLAIN JANE: Unscented is the perfect soak for those with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Many customers have confirmed how soothing dead sea salt is specifically.

All are unisex.


Add 3/4 cup to your bathwater and soak. If you want to add more, add more! No rules!