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Zen In A Jar


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So, what’s the BEST part of Beyoncé’s Renaissance album? THEM TRANSITIONS, baby!

Shout out to VIP Tribe member DIONN who recommended a box that highlights the transitions between fragrance elements in ZIJ. 

This was a really fun way to demonstrate the relationships between my fragrances and how they derive various elements from each other.

Each box comes with a honey, hair and body mist & honey bar soap (in the order posted). ENJOY!

Spicy to Jasmine Blends Box 

(ausar + mi Amor + rich auntie)

Gourmands to Palo Santo

(pink cashmere + cool auntie + rapture)

Mango to Peppermint Box 

(Fantasy remix + fetish + woke Bae)

Sandalwood to Jasmine Box 

(Forever + Vanity + One More Chance)

Strawberry to Lavender Box 

(Autumn Jade + revive + republic gardens)

Lemongrass to Amber

(Thiquer + Thique + Devereaux)



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