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The Yonce Box

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This set is one of my FAVES and it’s back by popular demand in honor of the holiday! I’ve added Giselle this time too!

Let’s Do This!

These are the scents inspired by BEYONCE THE KNOWLES-CARTER. Yep, I meant to say it like that!

It features 2 oz bottles of signature bath & body honey mist in:

Ape Sh*t (jasmine + fig + coconut)

Drunk in Love (mango + bourbon + nag champa)

Giselle (jasmine + lavender + citrus + rose)

Lingerie & Chardonnay (coconut + amber + musk)

Sasha (peach + eucalyptus)

Thique (jasmine + nag champa + amber)



Honey Mist is our signature moisturizer consisting of grape seed, avocado & vitamin e oil. Perfect in your hair, on your skin or in your bath water.