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The ZIJ Aunties Sampler Boxes

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Butter or Honey?
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ZIJ's most iconic moment of 2022 was definitely the design of the Auntie inspired fragrances. This is the best way to experience the Aunties and determine which is your favorite.  Many of these are my takes on the top selling Pink Cashmere as a base to play around with other popular fragrance elements. Here's what the box includes:

  • Bougie Auntie a beautiful blend of Ausar, Om Shanti & Bille with strong notes of amber, sandalwood & jasmine noir)
  • Cool Auntie a fun and fruity blend of Nirvana and Pink Cashmere with notes of peach, jasmine & coconut)
  • Fine Ass Auntie our take on the tropical notes of Karma with the floral sophistication of Pink Cashmere with jasmine + citrus + coconut notes. 
  • Fly Auntie a combination of Satori along with Frankincense and Myrrh with lavender + jasmine + spicy notes.
  • Rich Auntie is THAT GIRL. This is a blend of pink jasmine flowers to add a sweet freshness to pink cashmere.

Mix them up or wear them individually. You can tell by their origin that mixing is strongly encouraged at ZIJ!

Sets come in 4 oz butter jars & 2 oz honey shotties.