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WE BACK OUTSIDE (Bug Repellent Moisturizer)

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It's that time of year again! Get into our ROCKSTAR lemongrass blends for you to rock while navigating return of beautiful weather and the "nature" that comes with it.

The Zen Baddies do NOT walk around smelling like citronella.

FACT: I HATE LEMONGRASS. Let's use that knowledge to our advantage! Everything I've blended gives you the benefits without it smelling "too lemongrassy" if you know what I mean. We blend it with all of your FAVE ZIJ blends at the perfect ratio!

As you figure out what works for you, use these to repel mosquitoes and smell incredible!

Menu Includes:

  • Boats & Heauxs (coconut + amber + lemongrass) similar to Lingerie & Chardonnay
  • Copa (citrus + rum + lemongrass) similar to Karma
  • Family Reunion (lavender + sandalwood + lemongrass) Similar to Forever
  • Fourah Bay Road (coconut + lemongrass) Similar to In Love with The Coco
  • Get Me Home (strawberry + coconut + lemongrass) Similar to Autumn Jade
  • Grass is Greener (lavender + lemongrass) Similar to Namaste
  • I Need a Girl (lavender + lemongrass + fresh spiced woods) good smelling man + lemongrass + man crush (YUP!!!)
  • It Girl Summer (nag champa + jasmine + lemongrass) nag champa + pink cashmere + lemongrass) Similar to Hey Mamma
  • Peyton (lemongrass + sandalwood) Similar to Om Shanti
  • Pinkgrass (jasmine + coconut + lemongrass) Similar to Pink Cashmere
  • Summer Breeze (sweet roses + lemongrass) Similar to Beautiful Stranger
  • The Sweet Eye (ginger + lemongrass + vanilla) Similar to Nia
  • Thiquer amber + jasmine noir + nag champa + lemongrass) Similar to Thique
  • ZENCHELLA (sweet spicy woods + lemongrass)


Product comes in 2 oz body honey shottie.