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Yummy Butter Blowout Collection

Yummy Fragrance
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Our creamy and delicious butter in our most sought after gourmand fragrances. Gourmand blends are the ones that smell totally edible!

Bread Puddin’

Caramel kisses (cocoa + caramel)

Cruzan Caress (mango + coconut + fig)

Decadence (Tahitian vanilla + Bulgarian rose)

Get Me Home (strawberry + lemongrass)

Guilty Pleasure (cocoa + citrus + caramel)

In Love with the Coco (Tahitian vanilla + coconut)

Morning Person (caramel macchiato)

Rabia (peach + lavender)

Sweet November (jasmine + cocoa + vanilla)

The Sweet Eye (Hawaiian ginger + lemongrass + vanilla)

Zoey (vanilla bean)