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ZIJ Signature Candle

Choose Your Fragrance
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Your Home Fragrance Experience Has Just Been Upgraded...

Indulge in the opulence of Signature Candles, where luxury meets functionality effortlessly.

Light it up and let the enchanting fragrance elevate your space, creating a cozy ambiance that lingers.

Crafted in vessels inspired by dopamine decor, these candles are not just a treat for the senses but also a feast for the eyes.

Say goodbye to pesky mosquitoes with our lemongrass blends (green vessels) that keep them at bay, ensuring uninterrupted bliss.


Empress (mango + lavender)

INTENTION (Lavender + jasmine + peach)

FATU (mango + Bulgarian rose + lemongrass)

Love (peach + Bulgarian rose)

Pink Cashmere (jasmine + coconut + vanilla)

Pinkgrass (jasmine + coconut + lemongrass)