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ZIJ does not conform to gender rules when it comes to fragrance design. The power is in BODY CHEMISTRY, not so much girls' scents vs guy scents. 

But with that in mind, I understand that many prefer the categorization as they dip their toes into our fragrances. So, here's a collection of some of our masculine friendly blends with their descriptions:

ADONIS (spiced wood + amber)

AUSAR (jasmine + amber + sandalwood)

BIG PIMPIN (nag champa + lavender + bourbon)

BOHEMIA (sandalwood + citrus + musk)

BOURBON ST (sandalwood + bourbon)

CUFFING SEASON (fig + chardonnay)

CHASE (nag champa + eucalyptus)

DOVES CRY (ginger + spice + sandalwood + fig)

FOREVER (lavender + sandalwood + vanilla)

GOOD SMELLING MAN (bergamot + lavender + fig)

THE GOOD LIFE (warm & spicy woods + grapefruit + eucalyptus)

HENDRIX (frankincense + oud + myrrh)

HIM (sweet tobacco + vanilla + rum)

MAGIC (nag champa + citrus)

MAN CRUSH (fresh spiced wood)

MR. ST. PATRICK (sandalwood + mahogany + eucalyptus)

OM SHANTI (sandalwood + vanilla)

SWEETEST TABOO (spiced wood + oud)

SANCTUARY (palo santo + eucalyptus)

TAKE ME WITH YOU (patchouli + lavender + bergamot + musk)

ZEUS (frankincense + myrrh + citrus)

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