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As of AUGUST 2023, ALL ZIJ rose blends have been reconfigured to replace instances of rose with Bulgarian rose oil specifically. This means goodbye to English Rose, etc. Hello sweet and sensual ROSA DAMASCENA!

ZIJ’s Rose Repertoire

BOUDOIR (apple + Bulgarian rose + fig)

CARMEN JONES (mango + rose)

COMO LA FLOR (Bulgarian rose + apple)

DANITA (jasmine + Bulgarian rose + vanilla)

ESCAPADE (pear + Bulgarian rose)

FATU (mango + Bulgarian rose + lemongrass)*

GEISHA (lavender + Bulgarian rose + jasmine)

GRATITUDE (nag champa + Bulgarian rose + French lavender)

IRENE (sandalwood + Bulgarian rose + jasmine noir)

LOVE (peach + Bulgarian rose)

MOON RIVER (ginger + spice + Bulgarian rose)

NATURAL WOMAN (amber + Bulgarian rose)

NINA (nag champa + Bulgarian rose)

OLIVIA (frankincense + Bulgarian rose)

POSH (lavender + Bulgarian rose + vanilla)

PRETTY PRIVILEGE (pink jasmine + Bulgarian rose)

REGINE (Bulgarian rose + chardonnay grapes)

SACRED (palo santo + eucalyptus + Bulgarian rose)

SEDUCTION (fig + Bulgarian rose)

SUNDAY MORNING (sweet florals + Bulgarian rose)

SUNRISE (Bulgarian rose + lemon)

SUNSET (Bulgarian rose + blood orange)

VANITY (sandalwood + Bulgarian rose)

WHITE TOES (marshmallow + Bulgarian rose)


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