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Collection: Moisturized & Unbothered Collection

Moisturized & Unbothered is a core principle at ZIJ. And on a personal note, it is my mantra and the mood I strive to maintain. It is a lifestyle rooted in the Second of the Four Agreements which is "Do Not Take Things Personally."

Unbothered is a state of understanding that we don't have to give power to anything that disrupts our inner-peace. All we need to do is focus on our self-care rituals and walk in our power. This state of being was articulated by the lovely Erin Young a few years ago. She's family and a long-time supporter of the brand. Always hitting me with the most creative ideas!

This super soft crop top is perfect as "house clothes" and out and about. I have always wanted to create clothing that complements the ZIJ lifestyle. The crop top is the first piece. I am also releasing a robe, pajamas, boy shorts, plush towels and other bath accessories throughout the year. Get ready to enjoy!

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