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Zen In A Jar

5 oz Signature Body Honey (Hey Auntie Collection)

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The world's greatest moisturizer. This is the most delicious moisturizer in oil form. Nikki's signature recipe is a blend of avocado, grape seed and vitamin e oil. It is just as fragrant as the butter and has THREE uses:

  • HAIR-apply the body honey to your hair to style, moisturize, scent or act as a hot oil treatment for the hair.
  • SKIN- apply as a moisturizer to the skin as you would lotion or shea butter
  • BATH- add a little to your bathwater to add fragrance AND to get out of the bath with the most supple skin!


Here are the descriptions:

COOL AUNTIE: jasmine + peach + coconut + vanilla

FINE ASS AUNTIE: jasmine + citrus + coconut 

FLY AUNTIE: lavender + frankincense + jasmine

RICH AUNTIE: jasmine blend + coconut + sandalwood 

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